Spring TO DO List

spring21* photo credit by my mama!

  • Buy fresh flowers  Of course this would be first on the list.  Seriously is there much more that can make you happier than fresh flowers in the living room? It’s just so Spring!
  • Read by the pool!  Summertime is for the beach, but Springtime is for the pool.  We had perfect temperatures in the valley for this last weekend, and I took full advantage of our peaceful pool and one lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Have breakfast outdoors  One of my favorite weekend activities…
  • Ride a bike!  Ok seriously, it’s been so long since I’ve been on a bicycle.  It was my main form of transportation in college, and I miss it so much!  I am just longing to go for a bike ride…
  • Wear long flowey skirts  And I think this means I need to go shopping… 🙂
  • Pastel colored pedicures  Obvious…
  • Spring cleaning  There are not many times I will enjoy cleaning, but I do love walking in our front door and noticing how pretty it is instead of how cluttered it is…
  • Go for a hike  or two, or three…
  • Have a BBQ  lol, yeah so about 4 years ago we made over our patio and it has yet to be used…I would really like to enjoy it before we move again!  Once the summer is here no one will be able to stand being outside for too long, so now is the time!

Am I missing anything?? What’s on your Spring TO DO list?  I can’t wait to enjoy this season!

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2 Responses to Spring TO DO List

  1. when the boys were younger, we had waffles under the pepper tree every Sunday this time of year. Jim and the boys would work on the vegetable garden afterwards. Spring is awesome. I love the blog Sara!

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