Hallway Makeover

My husband was visiting friends at Berkeley this past weekend, so I took advantage of the free time I had to redo my hallway (that has barely been touched for the 4 years we have lived there).


I am so happy with how it turned out that every time I go from the bedroom to the living room I just stop and admire it for a while.  Also, it’s really nice to have a little extra storage in the hallway as I was able to fill up those boxes with some of my craft supplies that were previously piling up on top of the washer and dryer and fill up the bottom shelf with spare linens that were taking up SeSe’s space under the bed.  Plus, you barely even notice that ugly electrical box anymore!

Here’s a closeup of the after:


This makeover consisted of some leftover Martha Stewart brand “Nimbus Cloud” colored paint (same as the main parts of the house) and a sale table from Pier 1 as well as some cheap art from Target (that I am in love with) and a few accessories.

As tends to be the case when I feel I have achieved a moment of perfect home styling, my husband adds his own accessories…


Yes, that is a tiny transformer who has graced the hallway.  Husband says he is protecting us… well, I guess it is his house too…

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Weekend Adventure


This weekend my parents took Avery on her first camping trip to Silverwood Lake.  Since I knew camping would be about a hundred times more fun with my little munchkin (everything is), SeSe and I joined them for an afternoon of exploring (like Dora!).  We hiked around the lake and wandered through peaceful little meadows with lots of picnic areas and ponds and creeks.  Wherever we went Ave was showing off her skills of skipping, or hopping or jumping like a frog.  It was a great way to spend the day; nothing better than an afternoon outdoors in a new place with my favorite niece!




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If you have been following my Pinterest lately you may have noticed a flood of kitchen pictures in your feed.  (Side note, who else has switched to the new look on Pinterest?  I think I like it!) I asked my parents for a yoga mat for my last birthday, and my mom came back and said, how about new granite counter tops for your kitchen? Ummmm yeah, can’t say no to that!  My parents are two of the most generous people I know and I can definitely get my own yoga mat!

So my mom and I are going counter top shopping and I need pinspiration! I can’t figure out if i want to go light or dark. My kitchen is very eclectic… wood floors, ocean blue walls, chalkboard refrigerator, vintage white stove…and I have white cabinets.

I could stick with my white cabinets and go with a white/light counter top, which lends to a very clean and pristine look, albeit monochromatic, but I like how you can add in pops of color through accessories to liven it up a bit. Also, my kitchen is tiny, so light and bright would help keep it from feeling like a cave.  Something like:

kitchen_glasscabinetsPhoto Credit: [Seventh House on the Left]

white kitchenPhoto Credit: [Design Sponge]

On the other hand, a dark counter top would be a nice contrast with the white cabinets.  More interest and less stark white and boring.

dark countersPhoto Credit: [Better Homes and Gardens]

172992b97b77Photo Credit: [Decor Pad]

To be honest I am pretty sure that I could go back and forth for months trying to figure out if I like the light or dark counters more, so to be safe I am thinking of ending up with something in between.  I really love these counters that seem to be in the middle.  I think they help keep these kitchens light and bright but still add a bit of contrast.

white with dark veinPhoto Credit: [Country Living]

gray countersPhoto Credit: [Better Homes and Gardens]

So where do you stand on the counter top question?  Light, dark or medium?  I’m not totally sure about the counters yet, but looking at these pictures definitely makes me want to put subway tile on the backsplash!  It’s been a while since I laid the tile in the bathroom, after the counters are installed I think it’s time for another run with the wetsaw… I can hear the groans from my husband now…

Stay tuned for pictures of our own kitchen, with some counters photoshopped for an even better visual to help us decide…

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Afternoon in Ventura


Saturday afternoon my aunt Karalyn and I spent the afternoon hanging out in downtown Ventura. We ate veggie sandwiches on fresh baguettes, drank soy lattes, window shopped through the cutest shops and walked and talked and laughed. After she left to go pick up Gradon from school, the view of the ocean was calling me and I walked down and soaked up a little sun. Plus I just got a new camera app on my phone and wanted some beach pictures to play with. Overall a lovely and relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.






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Spring TO DO List

spring21* photo credit by my mama!

  • Buy fresh flowers  Of course this would be first on the list.  Seriously is there much more that can make you happier than fresh flowers in the living room? It’s just so Spring!
  • Read by the pool!  Summertime is for the beach, but Springtime is for the pool.  We had perfect temperatures in the valley for this last weekend, and I took full advantage of our peaceful pool and one lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Have breakfast outdoors  One of my favorite weekend activities…
  • Ride a bike!  Ok seriously, it’s been so long since I’ve been on a bicycle.  It was my main form of transportation in college, and I miss it so much!  I am just longing to go for a bike ride…
  • Wear long flowey skirts  And I think this means I need to go shopping… 🙂
  • Pastel colored pedicures  Obvious…
  • Spring cleaning  There are not many times I will enjoy cleaning, but I do love walking in our front door and noticing how pretty it is instead of how cluttered it is…
  • Go for a hike  or two, or three…
  • Have a BBQ  lol, yeah so about 4 years ago we made over our patio and it has yet to be used…I would really like to enjoy it before we move again!  Once the summer is here no one will be able to stand being outside for too long, so now is the time!

Am I missing anything?? What’s on your Spring TO DO list?  I can’t wait to enjoy this season!

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Fresh Start

Hi!  My name is Sara, and I am a wife, mom to a little weinee dog and corporate event planner.  I work a very corporate job, most days stuck staring at computers at a desk in a sea of cubicles.  I remember when this was my dream (really, it was!) and while there are still a lot of perks and things I love about my job, lately I have been itching to do something more creative with my time!  This blog will hopefully be an outlet for that.  I have wanted to write (and keep up) a blog for a while, and promised myself on my 28th birthday that this was going to be the year.  Plus, it’s the first week of Spring, and nothing screams new beginnings like the first week of Spring!


Not totally sure of the direction that this blog will take, besides a general “lifestyle” blog, but I am just going to go for it and hope that some kind of more centralized theme comes together.   I have many interests that I would like to blog about, including events, cooking, yoga, fitness, home decor, diy and all things vegetarian and animal friendly.  I have also been wanting to practice and refine my graphic design and photo editing skills, and that is a big part of this blog as well.

I feel lucky and amazingly fortunate every day for this beautiful life that I live, and I don’t want to get to the end of it and only remember the sea of cubicles…I want to live in the moment, and be conscious of and grateful for the many blessings that i have in this life, and on this beautiful day.

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